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stage ape The Ape ACROBAT... stage ape
DMX Controller with 192 Channels...

Control up to 12 intelligent lights using up to 16 DMX channels per head. Max of 192 DMX channels. Use the 8 sliders to record 6 programmable chases with 240 scenes in a 30 bank memory. Built in mic.

Unit Size 19" X 6" x 4" and weighs 5 Lbs.

Download Instruction Manual as a PDF file HERE.

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Instructions for operation:

Before you begin, double check that the polarity switch on the back of the unit is facing the power button.  

1. First connect all of the lights or "scanners" you will be using with the proper DMX cabling in order,  with Scanner (light) 1 being the first light in your DMX chain and so on. The first light will be connected to your controller.

2. Address your light accordingly. See addressing multiple lights section below.

3. After connecting the lights and plugging them in, turn on the Acrobat controller. Make sure that the LED next to the number 1 above Slider 1 is on. If it is not, the hit the Page Selector button once. With all sliders down and all buttons off (except the normal operation lights), enter the programming mode by holding down the Program button until a small FLASHING LED dot appears in the display window.

4. Press Scanner Button One and an LED light will appear next to it.

5. Now press the Midi/Add button for 2 secs and let go.

6. Hold the Program button until the LED dot moves up to Blackout.

7. Push the Blackout button and the LED dot will now go out.

8. Turn the scanner button 1 off and repeat the steps 3 thru 7 for how many lights you have.

Figure out how many channels are on the light. If it is a 7 channel light, then before the ACROBAT will recognize the light then channel 7 has to be all the way up. For a 4 channel lights, channel 4 has to be all the way up for the board to recognize the light.

You can now turn on the desired scanner buttons and begin to use your sliders.

Acrobat Front
The following "sample" instructions are for using this ACROBAT Controller with ONE of our most popular LED cans... (LED-86). Instructions for using this controller with other lights follows this.

The LED-86 is a 5 channel DMX light. Connect the controller to the light using a standard DMX cable. Then, on the back of the light, set dip switch # 1 & # 10 to the "ON" position.

Next, on the controller, press the scanner/fixture button #1 on the left side of the controller. The green light next to the button will be lit. This means you are controlling just the first fixture.

Slider #1 for this light controls the dimmer/strobe function. The dimmer slider must be up/on for the other functions to work.

Slider #2 controls the over all intensity (brightness) of the fixture.

Sliders #3, #4 and #5 control red, blue and green intensity's used for solid colors and color mixing.

There are 2 sliders to the right of the 8 main sliders. The first is marked "Speed". This controls the speed of the chase programs once you have made a chase program.

The slider marked "Fade Time" controls the time the light takes to react to changes 0 to 30 seconds. Example: you move the "red" slider up if you have the fade time slider set to 30 seconds it will take 30 seconds for the red LED's to react and light up. 
Acrobat back
Using four fixtures isn't much different then using one.

You connect the controller to the lights using standard DMX cables. Use one DMX cable from the controller to the first light. Use a second DMX cable from the first light to the second. Use a third DMX cable from the second light to the third light. Use a fourth DMX cable from the third light to the fourth light.

On the first fixture set dip switches #1 & #10 to the "ON" position.
Set the second light's dip switches #1 & #5 & #10 to the "ON" position.
Set the third light's dip switches #1 & #6 & #10 to the "ON" position.
Set the fourth light's dip switches #1 & #5 & #6 & #10
to the "ON" position.

Now, on the left side of the controller, press the #1, #2, #3 and #4 fixture/scanner buttons and now when you use the sliders it will control all four fixtures at once
Acrobat left side
Acrobat right side
Using other LED PAR cans with this controller is very simple. 

Look at how we set the channels above and adjust your dip switches according to how many channels your lights are.
acrobat side 

This is a quick easy way to set the dipswitches on you lights. This way you can grab and control a fixture or a group of fixtures quickly and efficiently.

Dip Switch Chart  Digital Dip Switch Setting
acrobat side


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