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stage ape
The Ape BANSHI...

This product is DISCONTINUED. There are no more in stock and none available. This info is here for customers that purchased this item in the past and need details or instructions.

An ultra bright 300 mW (445nm) DMX blue laser.  

It has 20 different patterns with multiple variations of each pattern. Sound active with a built in mic and sensitivity knob. 5 Channel DMX

It comes with a mounting bracket and a power cord.

Unit size is 8" X 7.5" X 3"
Weight 3 Lbs.

Download the instruction manual HERE.

stage ape**Discontinued August 2011**
stage ape

Instructions for operation:

Auto Mode:

With only dip switch #1 in the ON position, the laser will scroll through its multiple effects.

Sound Active Mode:

With all dip switches in the OFF position, the laser will run in sound active mode.

DMX Mode:

Channel #1 controls on and off for this fixture (must be on for light to work)
                 0-127 off
                128-255 on
Channel #2 scrolls through this lasers patterns
                0-255 patterns
Channel #3 controls left and right rotation
                0-63 no effect
                64-127 left rotation
               128-191 right rotation
               192-255 pan & tilt rotation
Channel #4 controls center rotation
               0-127 no rotation
               128-255 center rotation
Channel #5 controls rotation speed
               0-255 slow to fast
Includes black power cord. 127 London
***This class 3B laser complies with FDA regulations title 21 CFR1040.10 and CFR1040.11and meets safety regulations EN 60825-1:2007***cord


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