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The Ape BRONCO...

**New & Hot** DMX Red & Green Laser!

An ultra bright 30 mW GREEN & 80mW RED laser.

A multi effect scattering laser. With auto and sound active features. 7 DMX channels. Comes with mounting bracket and power cord.

Unit size is 8.5" x 6" x 4" and weighs 3 Lbs.

Download the instruction manual HERE .


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Instructions for Operation:


Auto Mode:

With only dip switches #10 and #9 in the on position the laser will scroll through it's multiple exploding laser modes in red and green.

Sound Active:

With only dip switches #10 the laser will scroll through is multiple features to sound.

With combinations of dip switch #10 and dip switches #8-2 in the on position. The laser will go through slightly different variations of the exploding multi beam feature to sound.

With only dip switches #10 and #1 in the on position the laser run through it's multi beam laser line effect to sound.


DMX Mode:

Using the dip switches set this light to it's corresponding DMX value. If this is your first light in your dmx chain set dip switch #1 to the on position. This laser does not require you to have dip switch #10 on in DMX mode. Just set the value and go.

Channel #1
    0-49  Off
    50-99  Stars (This must be set for most other features to work)
    100-149  Sound active lines
    150-255   Auto mode (scrolls through all effects)

Channel #2
    0-49  Rodeo effect counter clockwise rotation
    50-99  Rodeo effect clockwise rotation
    100-255  Rotate back and forth from slow-fast


Channel #3
    0-255 Speed control for channel #2 only from fast-slow

Channel #4
    0-255  Controls the laser effect from dots - lines

Channel #5
    0-255  Speed control fast-slow

Channel #6
    0-255  Strobe speed from fast to slow

Channel #7
    0-49  Laser color control (both red & green)
    50-99  Laser color control (red only)
    100-149 Laser color control (green only)
    150-255  Laser color control (switch between red and green slow-fast)


Master/Slave Mode:

Connect the two fixture using a DMX cable. Then set the dip switches on the first fixture to any sound active or auto mode feature. On the second fixture set all the dip switches to the off position. The lasers will sync up and do the same thing.

Includes black power cord. BRONCO

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