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stage ape The Ape CHASE 4... stage ape
4 Channel Chaser with 3 Chase Options...

Self contained 4 channel control with 3 different chase options. This controller can handle 5 amps per channel and has a max load of 6.3 amps.

Units size 8" x 6" x 2" and weighs 2.3 Lbs

Download Instruction Manual as a PDF file HERE.
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Instructions for operation:

The switch located on the front allows you to switch between 2 chase to speed options and a chase to audio using a built in mic.

The slow chase option switches channels from 8 seconds to 3 minutes. You can adjust the speed by using the speed knob on the front panel. Clockwise for fast and counter clockwise to slow.

The normal chase option switches channels from 3 seconds per channel to chasing through all 4 channels in less than a second. Again adjust by using the knob on the front.  CHASE 4
There are two sockets on each side of the controller. This controller requires 4 plug in adaptors which will be included. 4 green lights to let you know what channel is on at the moment. The power switch and fuse holder are located on the bottom of the controller. Chase-4

Version sold prior to April 2011 Chase-4  CHASE 4 CHASE 4


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