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stage apeThe Ape EAGLE... stage ape
Compact and lightweight LED Powered DMX Moving Head! Compare to the Chauvet Minspot!

15 Watt RGB LED’s. Modes include: Sound active, auto mode, master/slave and DMX.

13 or 5 channel DMX operation. 540 degree pan and 270 degree tilt.

14 colors and 9 gobos + spot.

Power consumption 50w. Comes with power cord and mounting bracket.

Unit size 10.5" x 7" x 6" and weighs 6.6 Lbs.

Download the instruction manual HERE.

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Instructions for Operation:

Auto and Sound Active Modes:

To chose modes, press the Esc button until it reads one of these: nSta, nStS, nStc or SLAv. Then press enter to initiate the setting.

nSta - auto mode slow (moves slowly while changing gobos)

nSts - sound active mode ( moves and changes with the beat of music)

nStc - auto mode 2 (quick movement while changing gobos)

SLAv - slave setting for master slave mode (see master/slave instructions)

DMX Mode:

Press Esc button until d001-d512 appears. Select your fixtures dmx address (ex. if it's your first fixture d001). You also have a choice of 5 channel or 13 channel DMX. Press the Esc button until it reads 5ch or 13ch. Press enter after choosing your desired channel selection.

5 channel mode:

Slider #1 Pan
Slider #2 Tilt
Slider #3 Master dim (must be up/on for colors and gobos to work)
Slider #4 Color
Slider #5 Gobo
13 channel mode:

Slider #1 Pan
Slider #2 Fine pan
Slider #3 Tilt
Slider #4 Fine tilt
Slider #5 Pan and tilt speed adjustment
Slider #6 Master dim (must be up/on for colors and gobos to work)
Slider #7 Red
Slider #8 Green
Slider #9 Blue
Slider #10 Preset colors
Slider #11 Color change 0-255 fast to slow
Slider #12 Sound active function 0-255 off to on
Slider #13 Gobo

How to use this light with the American DJ MyDMX software
Master/Slave Mode:

Set the first fixture to a sound active or auto function using the Esc and up/down buttons. Then connect the second fixture using a DMX cable. Set the second fixture to Slav (See the modes section above).
power cord

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