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stage ape The Ape FS575DMX... stage ape

DMX followspot with SUPER BRIGHT HMI-575 Bulb...

4 channel DMX operation. Seven dichroic colors plus white are; red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white, and open. Strobing, Color temperature control, Motorized color wheel, iris, shutter and strobe wheel, control panel included, Programmable by using any DMX-512 controller; The high quality iris maintains a nearly perfect circle. Other follow spots in this price range usually use a shutter that distorts the shape of the beam. Adjustable focus. 

DMX in & out , HMI-575 bulb and adjustable tripod included. Beam diameter at 100 ft. is 15.0 in. to 15.5 ft. These measurements are approximate, your results may vary.

Size- 44" l x 16" w x 9" h. Weight- 72 Lbs.

Download the instruction manual HERE.

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Lux Readings at 1 meter:

Red                 7,250
Green            11,250
Blue              19,650
White (open) 38,200


Instructions for operation:

Start up:

Check dip switches make sure all are in the OFF position.
Turn the on/off switch on the controller to the ON position.
Check to make sure the cable coming out of the controller is connected to the signal in connection on the light.


The switch in the top left marked NONE, RISE and FALL. These buttons control the shade of white to make it look like sun rise and sun set and then plain white.

There are 3 sliders marked STROBE, APERTURE and COLOR.

Strobe- When this slider is all the way to the left it closes the shutter. To open it up the shutter bring the slider a 1/4 of the way to the right. After a 1/4 of the way, the light strobes from slow to fast.

Aperture- This slider controls the size of the beam from left to right (small to large).

Color- This slider will scroll through the colors and past half way the light will begin to a constant scroll.

There are 8 buttons at the bottom of the controller. The 6 color buttons will automatically scroll to that color. The two marked open and close are for the shutter. Press open to bring the light on and press close to black it out.

***Pressing close does not turn the bulb off***

Make sure dip switch #10 is in the ON position. Connect the light to the board using a DMX cable. This is a four channel DMX light.

Channel #1 0-75 On
         76-255 Strobe fast to slow
Channel #2 0-255 Aperture small to large
Channel #3 0-35 No change in shade of white
         36-71 Rise (give white a tint that resembles a sun rise)
         72-255 Fall (give white a tint that resembles a sun set)
Channel #4 Colors

Includes attached black power cord. CORD
For information on the version of the FS575DMX sold PRIOR to October 2010, Click Here FS575DMX - OLD Version

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