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The Ape Haze 1200... (Replaced with the JUNGLE-HAZE1201)
This product is DISCONTINUED. There are no more in stock and none available. This info is here for customers that purchased this item in the past and need details or instructions.

Fogger with wired remote.

1200 Watt continuous hazer. Uses standard (water based) fog fluid.

Includes Timer Remote with adjustable output volume knob, duration knob, Continuous Flow button, Timer button and Manual button. 

16 foot cabled remote. 1.25 liter fluid tank. Adjustable 45 to 75 degree vertical output vent so you can aim the haze straight out or up.

3 minute initial warm up time with 5 to 25 second reheat time.

Unit size 22x11x9.5 15.3 lbs

The video below shows the 127-Haze 1200 starting on the lowest visible setting and gradually increasing the volume to the maximum.

Haze 1200
stage ape **SOLD PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 2010** stage ape

Instructions for operation:

Haze 1200
Fill the 1.25 liter tank with standard (water based) fog fluid. There is a tube that leads from the top of the tank into the machine (make sure it's suction end rests at the bottom of the fluid tank). Flip the power switch on the rear of the unit. The switch lights up red and begins the initial warm up time of about 3 minutes. The 16' wired controller plugs into the 5 pin input on the rear of the unit. Adjust the vent in the front of the unit to disperse fog straight out along the ground or adjust it up to spray fog into the air.

The controller consists of 3 buttons with different color led indicators above each button. The buttons control the modes and 2 knobs above the buttons control the features in each mode.

Haze 1200
Manual Mode

The green button is the manual fog button. The green button has the green light above it to let you know when the fogger is ready to dispense fog (after each complete burst the green light will go off until the fogger has reheated). You cannot control the output in manual mode.
Haze 1200
Continuous Mode

The (middle) red button is the continuous fog button. In this mode, when the fogger has reached it's ready temperature, the it will automatically start blowing fog. The knob above marked "Volume" controls the amount of fog that it dispenses. All the way to the left is none and turn clockwise to desired output. Always start with the volume knob fully clockwise and gradually turn the knob counter-clockwise because the fog decreases to zero slightly before the knob reaches full off, (full counter clockwise).
Haze 1200
Timer Mode

The yellow button marked "Timer" lets you set the fogger to to dispense fog in certain set intervals. Use the knob marked "Interval" to adjust time between blasts. The interval knob goes from 10 seconds to 200 seconds. Ten seconds is all the way to the left, turn clockwise to increase the time between blasts. Use the volume knob to set the output to desired volume.
Includes black power cord. cord


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