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**New & Hot** DMX Dual COLOR LASER

Two ultra bright 25mw GREEN lasers and two 40mw RED lasers. This 4 beam laser has 20 patterns with multiple variations of each making an almost endless amount of patterns. For best effect use with fog machine. All 4 lasers are not meant to move in exact symmetry, one laser runs opposite.

Modes include: auto mode, sound active and DMX mode.

5 channel DMX (best mode for most variations of patterns)

Aluminum alloy housing. Comes with power cord and mounting bracket.

Unit size 22" x 7" x 4.5" and weighs 10.5 Lbs

Download the instruction manual HERE .

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Instructions for Operation:

Sound Active Mode:

Put all dip switches in the "OFF" position


Automatic Mode:

Put dip switch #1 to the "ON" position. Dip switches #2 through #10 to the "OFF" position.


DMX Mode:

Dip switches #1 - #9 are for addressing DMX and dip switch #10 in the "ON" position tells the laser you want to run it DMX. If this is the first fixture in your DMX chain, set Dip Switches #1 and #10 to the "ON" position.


Channel #1
    0-127  Blackout
    128-255  On

Channel #2
    0-255  Patterns

Channel #3
    0-63  No effect
    64-127  Pan rotation (rotates pattern on X axis)
    128-191  Tilt rotation (rotates pattern on Y axis)
    192-255  Pan & tilt rotation (rotates on both X & Y axes)
Combine with sliders 4 & 5 to produce your own specific pattern

Channel #4
    0-127  No effect
    128-255  Center rotation (moves pattern around a center point)
Combine with slider 3 & 5 to produce your own specific pattern

Channel #5
    0-255  Speed (from slow to fast)
Combine with sliders 3 & 4 to produce your own specific pattern

How to use this light with the American DJ MyDMX software

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