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The Ape Jungle-Momma Fog Machine...
HIGH OUTPUT Fogger with WIRELESS & wired remote.

1500-watt heater, output: 10,000 cubic feet per minute

1.5 Liter tank capacity, 10ft wired remote with manual fog button, Wireless remote.

Initial warm up time is 5 minutes. Continuous blast time is 45 seconds. Reheat time is 149 seconds.  

Size  20" x 10" x 8". Weight 15 lb. Does not work with  127-06WIRELESS.

Fuse 156-F15-S.

For a longer, healthier life, clean monthly with UNCLOGIT.

Below is a video of the strongest output.

Download Instruction Manual as a PDF file HERE.

Jungle Momma
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Instructions for operation:

Jungle Momma
Fill the 1.5 liter tank with standard (water based) fog fluid. There is a hose that leads from the tank out the top and leads into the machine. Make sure it sits at the bottom of the fluid tank. Flip the power switch at the rear of the unit on. The switch lights up red and begins the initial warm up time of about 5 minutes. The wired 10' controller plugs into the 3 pin input on the rear of the unit.

Jungle Momma
Manual Mode:

Plug the wired remote in to the 3 pin socket on the back of the unit. A red light on the remote will come on when the fogger has heated to ready. Press and hold the button to dispense fog. It will stop when the burst is done or when you let go of the button.
Jungle Momma
Wireless Control:

Plug the wireless receiver into the controller the rear of the fogger. When the fogger is ready press and hold either button on the wireless remote and the fogger will dispense fog.
Jungle Momma
Jungle Momma remote
Includes black power cord. cord

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