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The Ape KODIAK...
2-Channel 750-watt DMX-512 Strobe Light  

Modes: Auto, Sound Active and DMX

1-15 flashes per second Dimming and speed control through DMX controller

Manual flash rate knobs can be adjusted through dip switches.

XLR in & out jacks.

Multiple strobes can be linked together with standard DMX cables.

Clear lens can be colored with gel sheets.

Strobes should not be run at full speed for longer that a few minutes.

Unit size 126" x 8.15" x 5.35" and weighs 5.8 Lbs

Download Instruction Manual as a PDF file HERE.

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Instructions for Operation:

Auto Mode:

On the rear of the unit, set dip switch #9 to the on position. Dip switches #1-4 control the speed (slow-fast).

Dip switch #1 slowest
Dip switch #2 medium slow
Dip switch #3 medium fast
Dip switch #4 Fast
Dip switches #1,2,3 and 4
Different combinations of dip switches 1-4 will give you different speeds. 

DMX Mode:

Set the fixtures DMX address using dip switches 1-9.

Channel #1 0-255 controls the flash speed
Channel #2 0-255 controls the brightness/dimming
Sound Active Mode:

On the rear of the unit set all the dip switches to the off position and the strobe will react to sound.

How to use this light with the American DJ MyDMX software
Includes black power cord. CORD

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