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The Ape London Fog Machine... (Replaced by the Jungle-Daddy)
This product is DISCONTINUED. There are no more in stock and none available. This info is here for customers that purchased this item in the past and need details or instructions.

HIGH OUTPUT DMX Fogger with WIRELESS & wired remote.

2000-watt heater, output: 20,000 cubic feet per minute, 2 Liter tank capacity.

Digital remote timer included, manual fog button, Wireless remote.

1 Channel DMX operation.

Initial warm up time is 12 minutes with a continuous blast time of 49 seconds. Reheat time is 149 seconds.

For a longer, healthier life, clean monthly with UNCLOGIT.

Size: 19.50in x 14.50in x 9.25in. 29 lb.

Below is a video of the strongest output.

stage ape **SOLD PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 2010** stage ape

Instructions for operation:

Fill the 2 liter tank with standard (water based) fog fluid. There is a tube that leads from the top of the tank into the machine. Make sure it's suction end rests at the bottom of the fluid tank. Flip the power switchat the rear of the unit on. The switch lights up red and begins the initial warm up time of about 12 minutes. The wired 16' controller plugs into the 5 pin input on the rear of the unit. Also includes a small wireless control.

The controller consists of six buttons. These buttons control the foggers 3 functions:
Manual Mode:

In manual mode just press the button marked "Manual" on the wired controller and a full blast will be emitted from the fogger. Just release the button to stop or hold the button until the blast is complete. Use the wireless remote in the same way.
Timer Mode:

The Function button scrolls through the volume of output, duration, interval time and DMX addressing. The two buttons next to it are the increase and decrease buttons. The Timer button turns timer mode on and off. In timer mode and you can set your desired output and duration as well as interval and it will operate on it's own.

Interval is the time between blast ( give time for the fogger to reheat).
Duration is how long the blast will go on.
Volume is the amount of fog dispensed in a single blast (in timer mode only).
Manual Volume is the amount of fog dispensed in a single blast (in manual mode only).

***remember the timer button puts the fogger in and out of timer mode only***
DMX Mode:

Connect a DMX controller to the fogger with a standard DMX cable. To set the fogger to DMX mode press the function button until it shows DMX512 and a number. That number is your DMX address. Set the address according to the position in your DMX chain. The 127-LONDON is a 1 channel DMX fogger. The "One" slider controls the output of the fogger. Just move the slider up and the fogger will dispense fog according to the position of the slider. All the way up is full output.
Includes black power cord. London


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