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stage ape The Ape MONKEY-POD... stage ape
**New & Hot**  Exciting LED wash and moon effects in one..

72 x 10mm White LED's in center for wash/strobe. Has a 30 degree beam angle. Each side has 60 x 5mm RGB LED's (28 red, 12 blue, 20 green on each side). This LED light puts out 1,410 LUX at 1 meter. (A standard PAR 38 can with a 120 watt soft white bulb puts out 1,037 Lux at 1 meter).

Auto mode, sound active, master/slave and DMX modes.

Use the dip switches to control center wash and side LED effects. 4 channel DMX. Dip switches. 30w power consumption.

Unit size 17.5" x 6.5" x 6". Weight 6.5 lbs.

Download the instruction manual HERE.

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Instructions for operation:


Auto mode:

Set the dip switches on the rear of the light so that #10 is in the on position. The center LED's will come full on and the two side effects will start rotating through patterns. To control the speed of the two side effects use dip switches #6, #7 and #8 (with all 3 on effects will change fast). Dip switch #5 controls the center LED's. with #5 on the center section will strobe. 

Sound Active mode:

To set this fixture to sound active just set dip switches #9 and #10 to the on position. Both the center LED's with light up with the beat and the two side effects will change to the beat.

DMX mode:

Set all dip switches to the off position but the value of each fixture.
Channel #1 Controls the two side effects on/off
Channel #2 Controls the speed that the two side effects cycle through there patterns (fast-slow).
Channel #3 Controls the center white LED's dimming (dim-bright)
Channel #4 Controls the center LED's strobing functions
        0-6 on
        7-251 strobe (slow-fast)
        252-255 sound active strobing

Master/Slave mode:

Set the first (master) fixture to auto or sound active mode. Then connect the second fixture via DMX cable. Now set the slave fixture with dip switch #1 on only. 
Includes black power cord. cord

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