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stage apeThe Ape PSYCHO... stage ape
New & Hot!!

LED DMX Crystal Ball with red, blue and green beams...

6 x 1 watt LED’s 

Modes include: 6 channel DMX, master/slave, multiple auto and sound modes with 9 speed options for each mode.

Automatic mode: A1- red LED’s on, A2- green LED’s on, A3- blue LED’s on, A4- RGB color change, A5- RGB color mix, A6- RGB color fade in/out, A7- RGB strobing, A8- mix of all modes

Sound active mode: S1- strobe to sound, S2- color change an strobe to sound

9 LED rotation speeds can be controlled and set for each auto mode function. Low heat, low power consumption (10W) and can run all night.

Unit size 7" x 7" x 6.5" weight 2 Lbs.

Download the instruction manual HERE.

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Instructions for operation:

Auto and Sound Modes:

Press the mode button until A# appears on the LED display.
A1- RED LED’s on
A2- GREEN LED’s on
A3- BLUE LED’s on
A4- RGB color change
A5- RGB color mix
A6- RGB color fade in/out
A7- RGB strobing
A8- Mix of all modes
S1- Strobe to sound
S2- Color change and strobe to sound

After you have found the correct mode use the up and down buttons to select the rotation speed from 1-9.
DMX Mode:

Press the mode button until the LED display reads A###. Then press the up and down buttons to set the fixture's DMX value.

Channel 1   0-249 Strobe (0-183 is slow to fast and 184-249 is slow to fast),                  
              250-255 ON
Channel 2   0-255 controls RED LED's

Channel 3   0-255 controls GREEN LED's

Channel 4   0-255 controls BLUE LED's

Channel 5   0-255 controls the speed of the rotation (slow to fast)

Channel 6   0-37 RED LED's (at medium rotation speed)
              38-65 GREEN LED's (at medium rotation speed)
              66-93 BLUE LED's (at medium rotation speed)
              94-121 cycles through red, green and blue LED's with only 1 color on at a time (at medium rotation speed)
             122-150 cycles through combinations of red, green and blue (at medium rotation speed)
             151-177 cycles through RGB combinations fading in and out (at medium rotation speed)
             178-210 fast strobe through color combinations (at medium rotation speed)
             211-233 cycles through combinations of RGB witch some fast strobing (different than above, at medium rotation speed, looks like it could be an auto mode)
             234-255 Nothing
Master/Slave Mode:

Set the first fixture to any auto or sound active mode. Connect the second fixture to the first using a DMX cable. Use the mode button to set the second fixture to DMX mode A001. The units will then start doing the same thing. 
Includes black power cord. cord

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