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stage ape The Ape SCATTERMOON... stage ape
LED Sound Active Moonlight...

18 LED's and a motorized reflector!

Ten times the beams of most led moon lights!!!
A cluster of 18  5mm LED’s 6 red, 6 blue and 6 green bounce off of a partitioned, internal motorized mirror wheel. Giving this light it’s very impressive scattering effect for the money.

A constantly changing effect with movement controlled by built in mic and sound sensitivity knob on the rear.  The fuse holder and power switch are also located on the rear panel. Includes 100,000 hour LED’s. Mounting bracket. Less than 6 watt power consumption. 1 amp short fuse. 

Unit size 9" x 6.5" x 4" and weighs 2.5 Lbs.

Download the instruction manual HERE.

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Instructions for Operation:

The knob marked SPEED is the sound sensitivity knob.

Turn the sensitivity knob all the to the left for stationary activation. Slowly move the knob clockwise for desired mic sensitivity.
Pictures of SCATTERMOON version sold prior to May 2012:
Includes black power cord.

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