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The Ape TAHITI...

**New & Hot** 7 colors in 1 DMX graphic animation laser.

This laser can combine each color of laser to produce a total of 7 colors (red, green, purple, pink, light blue, yellow and white).  Powered by a Red 100mW laser, a Green 30mW laser, a Blue 100mW 470nm laser.

Modes include: Auto, sound and DMX. 13 DMX channels. While in DMX mode you can choose the color of each pattern or have the pattern be all 7 colors. The animations and graphics can be utilized through a DMX controller (graphics include: bird, snowman dancing, and a woman dancing as well as sayings like hello, happy party, welcome and others). Unit size 11.75" x 7.75" x 5" Weight 6 Lbs

Comes with mounting bracket and power cord.

Download the instruction manual  HERE .

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Instructions for Operation:

Auto Mode:

Set the dip switches on the rear of the unit to show dip switch #1 in the ON position. The laser will scroll through some of it's pattern automatically.
Sound Active Mode:

Place ALL the dip switches in the OFF position to put this fixture into sound active mode.
DMX Mode:

Connect fixture using a DMX cable to your DMX chain. Set your DMX value in your chain using the dip switches on the rear of the unit. Make sure that dip switch #10 is on for the fixture to work in DMX mode.

Channel #1
    1-49  Put the laser into sound active mode
    50-99  Puts the laser into PATTERN auto mode
    100-149  Puts the laser into GRAPHIC auto mode
    150-255  Pattern choose (must all the way up to access pattern on channel #3)

Channel #2
    1-5  OFF
    6-10  White
    11-15  Red
    16-20  Yellow (red-green)
    21-25  Green
    26-30  Neon Blue (blue-green)
    31-35  Purple
    36-40  Pink
    41-109  Color change (slow to fast)
    110-180  Sectional color change (slow to fast)
    181-250  Multi-color moving (slow to fast)
    251-255  Rainbow

Channel #3
    1-255  Patterns

**For a comprehensive list of patterns and their DMX values, download the instruction manual here .**

Channel #4
    1-191  Moves pattern up to down (slow-fast)
    192-255  Moves pattern down to up (slow-fast)

Channel #5
    1-191  Moves pattern from right to left (slow-fast)
    192-255  Moves pattern from left to right (slow-fast)

Channel #6
    1-255  Rotate pattern on the X axis (slow-fast)

Channel #7
       1-255  Rotate pattern on the Y axis (slow-fast)

    1-191  Rotate pattern in a counter-clockwise motion (slow-fast)
    192-255  Rotate pattern in a clockwise motion (slow-fast)

Channel #9
    1-85  Pattern explodes (goes from small to large) (slow-fast)
    86-170  Pattern implodes (goes from large to small) (slow-fast)
    171-255  Pattern moves in and out (slow-fast)

Channel #10
    1-255  Pattern size (small- large)

Channel #11
    1-255  Puts patterns into dots

Channel #12
    1-255  Adjust scanning speed. Gives the patterns the appearance of strobing parts of the pattern.

Channel #13
    1-255  Does Nothing
Master/Slave Mode:

Connect the fixture you want to use master/slave using a DMX cable. Set the master to sound or auto mode using the dip switches. On the slave fixture, set the dip switch #10 to the ON position. The fixtures should link up and do the same thing.

Includes black power cord.
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