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stage ape The Ape VARIWHITE... stage ape
Variable White TV/Film Studio LED Flood Can

Flicker Free! Uses 144 ultra bright 10mm LEDs (72 White, and 72 Amber)

Modes Include: Auto, Sound Active via built in Mic, Strobe, Master/Slave and DMX

5 Channel DMX

There is socket on the rear of the fixture to connect another fixture.

Power consumption 25 watts

Unit size: 8.5" x 8" x 2.5" weight 3.5 Lbs.

The unit resets when powered off.

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Lux Readings at 1 meter:

White      760
Amber      520
All On     1145

Instructions for operation:

Auto and Sound Active Modes:

Use the Menu, and Enter buttons on the rear of the unit to select one of the auto modes. Press the Menu button and then scroll through the list with the Up and Down buttons until the display shows:

sud1,2,3,4, and 5 control the Sound Active options
shu1,2,3 and 4 control the Strobe function
shu5,6 and 7 control the color change mode (see speed control below)

Speed control can be adjusted for the color change mode. Use the Menu, Up and Down buttons until sp## appears on the display. Speed can be adjusted from slow to fast (sp01-sp31)

Color Control

This unit allows you to choose the intensity of each color using the Menu options. Use the Menu, Up and Down buttons until A### or U### appears on the display.

U - White
A - Amber

Adjust the intensity by using the Up and Down buttons. Then press the Enter to set the function.

DMX Mode:

Use the Menu, Up and Down buttons until d### appears on the display. Set the fixture to your desired DMX value and then press ENTER.

Channel #1
    0-255  Master Dim (must be up for fixture to light up)
Channel #2
    0-15  No Function
    16-75  Strobe (slow-fast)
    76-105  Thunder Strobe
    106-135  Gradual bright (slow-fast)
    136-165  Gradual fade (slow-fast)
    166-182  Auto Mode #1
    183-195   Auto Mode #2
    196-255  Auto Mode #3
Channel #3
    0-40  No Function
    41-80  Sound Active
    81-120  Sound Active Thunder Strobe
    121-160  Sound Active Gradual Bright
    161-200  Sound Active Gradual Fade
    201-255  Sound Active Auto Operation
Channel #4
    0-255  Controls the Amber LEDs
Channel #5
    0-255  Controls the White LEDs

How to use this light with the American DJ MyDMX software
Master/Slave Mode:

Set the first fixture to any auto or sound feature. Then connect the second fixture through a DMX cable. Using the Mode, Up, Down and Enter buttons below the LED display, press the buttons until D001 shows on the display. The slave fixture will begin to mimic the first.
Includes black power cord.

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