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stage ape The Ape WIDEFOOT... stage ape
4 Pedal foot controller for WIDE64....

There are 4 pedals: One is Automatic Operation/Sound Active Operation; One is Dim; One is marked Freeze and can stop on a color after auto mode and can shuffle through 8 preset colors by taping the pedal; and the last is Blackout. Simply connect the 13' 11.5" DMX connector that comes attached to the footpad to the DMX input on the first WIDE64 and set the light to slave mode (dip switch #10 only). If you want to control a series of lights, connect the lights by DMX cables together and set all lights to slave mode. All connected lights will do the same thing at the same time. Includes a powercord.

***Fixtures that work with this foot switch controller.... WIDE64BLAZERSTUD, HAMPSTER *** (Click on the name to view the light)

Unit size 20" x 6" x 3" and weighs 4 Lbs

Download Instruction Manual as a PDF file HERE.
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Instructions for Operation:

The foot controller comes with a power cord and an attached dmx out cable. Plug the foot controller in and then connect the the dmx cord to the first LED light. Set dip switch #10 only to the ON position on the LED fixture. You can connect as many of the same fixtures you want. Just connect the fixtures using a DMX cable and set their dip switches to show #10 only in the ON position. WIDEFOOT back

Switch #1 Auto Run/Sound Active - Tap the pedal once and the light will start running through it's built in colors. Tap the pedal again the light will go out and start flashing on to the beat of music, changing colors every few beats.widefoot left pedals

Switch #2 Dim - Tap and hold this pedal. The light will go dim and then slowly get brighter. Just release the pedal on desired brightness.

Switch #3 Freeze - Tap the freeze pedal to scroll through the 8 preset colors.

Switch #4 Blackout - Tap this pedal and the lights will go dark.
widefoot right panals
power cord

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